Together since 1969

Together since 1969

About Us

At FAR Jamones y Embutidos, a Grup Cañigueral company, we specialise in the products that are part of our name. We make and sell Serrano ham on the international market alongside charcuterie from our Gruoup, adapting the service we offer to the needs of each client.

Since 1969 we have offered tradition and authenticity inherited from the finest master ham makers, and painstakingly replicated in our facilities in Les Preses (Girona), in the special setting of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa.

Thanks to its climate, La Garrotxa is an area with a strong tradition of producing outstanding quality ham and charcuterie. In our case, it is doubly significant thanks to its proximity to Costa Brava Foods, where we source our main raw material: fresh pork. Consequently, Grup Cañigueral guarantees integrated management of the agrifood chain and process, enabling us to offer you what you are looking for: products with an authentic flavour.

Total adaptation to your needs as a client

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