Putting people first

Putting people first

We create quality jobs and a stable future for our staff and we favour balancing family life and working life by implementing measures to make this happen.

At FAR Jamones y Embutidos we support training for our teams and the use of technologies that allow us to achieve good ergonomics and efficiency at work along with continuous improvement of our production processes.

Our equality policy incentivises and promotes equality between men and women, with measures focussing on encouraging women’s access to employment. Internal promotion, training and occupational health of our staff are important social responsibility commitments for us, as is access to the world of work for people at risk of social exclusion.

We work towards achieving these objectives and this makes our staff internalise the values of Grup Cañigueral as their own: commitment and leadership.

We implement measures that allow us to increase ergonomics and efficiency at work

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