Respecting the ideal drying times

Respecting the ideal drying times

Quality Certifications

Our Serrano ham  is characterised by safety and quality accredited by our national and international certifications, both in relation to the production process and the product itself: IFS (High Level Unannounced), BRC QS, Consorcio del Jamón Serrano, AENOR and Calitax. 

What is behind this? A demanding process that starts with Grup Cañigueral’s oversight of the farms that supply us through Costa Brava Foods, something that allows us to select the source, feeding and breeding of the animals which our master ham makers will later use to make each of our high-quality products.

This is the special added value we offer at Grup Cañigueral.

Production of our hams, as you can see, starts with each one being carefully selected, only from females, chosen piece by piece, and treated with Mediterranean salt, without nitrites or gluten. Later Our team of specialists in processes, quality and food security works together on a daily basis to ensure the quality of our products with the strict self-controls applied by our ACCP system (Analysis of Critical Control Points).

Respecting the ideal drying times and conditions. Finally, our privileged natural setting then leaves its unique mark on each of our products.

Costa Brava Foods, the slaughterhouse of the Grup, has the AENOR CONFORM certification in Animal Welfare, based on the strict Welfare Quality international protocols.

Selected piece by piece. The source, feeding and breeding of our animals is the secret of FAR’s quality

  • BRC

  • IFS

  • QS

  • Consorcio del Jamón Serrano

  • ETG

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